ScanView Launches!

I'm delighted to say we've now launched the business and have taken our first 360 panoramas!

As this is the first post, it's the time to set out what this blog will be about. First of all, who the devil are Scanview?

Well, using the very latest camera technology, we're dedicated to bringing New Zealand businesses to life online by creating 360 Panoramic Tours of their premises.  The easiest way to explain is to just point you to our gallery which shows recent 360 Tour examples we've taken. CLICK TO VIEW.

Seen them now? Well, as you'll now appreciate, the high-definition tours offers folks online (and hence potential customers) the best way to 'see inside a business'.

This in turn provides online users with the confidence to visit the business in person or make a booking. With most folks now researching what a business looks like as part of their decision making process, we're enabling businesses to offer the best view of all!  

Although our focus is on businesses in the Bay of Plenty region, we'll be sharing lots of 360 views of the iconic New Zealand landscapes!