ScanView Delivery Process


Based on a meeting, or a phone/email conversation, we will email you a 'free no obligation' quote based on your requirements.

To order you will need to sign our order agreement and pay a refundable 50% booking fee to secure our photographer visit.

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On an agreed date, our photographer will visit your business to capture the 360 Shots. Typically they will be onsite for 2-3 hours.

They will run through the agreed shot list with you prior to starting. 

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We will then create the 360 Tour and send you a link to review.  For 'Street View Tours' will send you a link to the published tour.

We will send you our final 50% 'delivery invoice'. Upon payment we'll share the code so you can add to your website.

Key Points:

  • The Google StreeView Tour is based on the number of 360 panoramas (or shots) that we need to take in order to meet Google's requirements. To do this we take a '360 panorama' every few metres so typically we need to survey the business premises first in order to prepare a quote. 

  • With our Custom Tours, you just need to advise on the number of 360 panoramas you want taken. Once the number and location of shots is agreed we can proceed. This does not typically require a site survey

Which Regions Do We Cover?

Based in the Bay of Plenty, ScanView works with businesses in the Central North Island and Auckland regions. Trips to other areas of New Zealand can be be organised with travel costs being added to our list prices.