Take A Walk on The Wild Side In Rotorua

Towering Redwoods, swing bridges high above the ground, the Whakarewera Forest tree canopy - all challenges that we had to capture in our most difficult shoot to date.  The Redwoods Treewalk attraction in the heart of Rotorua required careful planning and timing to ensure we could deliver a truly immersive 360 Tour of the experience. Typically we require a stable and level surface with next to no movement so there was a real challenge with the movement of the swing bridges. Thankfully, we met the challenge head on to produce a stunning end product.

With our 360 Tour, internet users can now take an interactive walk around the attract and get the best view of the attraction online. Of course nothing beats visiting in person, but our 360 Tour provides a far more enticing view that plain old photo and should whet your appetite to make a visit.

Take a walk in the wild yourself with our latest 360 Tour -