The Polynesisan Spa Goes 360

The Polynesian Spa is one of the most iconic and popular attractions in Rotorua. With over 26 hot pools split between the Lake Spa and Adult Pool sections, vistitors flock to indulge in the therapeutic waters from the nearby hot spring.  

It's not just the hot pools and spa treatments though. It's the setting.  Words and standard photos just could not convey the amazing views from soaking in the pools overlooking Lake Rotorua.

The Polynesian Spa wanted to give potential visitors a stunning 360 view inside the spa to fully appreciate why they should visit.  So, blessed with a cracking summer's day we took 17 different 360 views throughout the luxury.

We've shot many 360 Tours for businesses but our latest 360 Tour in Rotorua is one of our favourites.

Check out the 360 Tour on the Polynesian Spa website -  or view below.